Leadership & people skills

  • Taking a late-career leap

    So how does one jump from company leader to adviser after the age of 50? We tapped several experts on how to successfully make this transition — and how to prepare for it.

  • How to spot overlooked leaders

    To recruit and retain leadership talent that creates value, you need to know who your best people are. That’s not necessarily obvious, because your most valuable employees might not be the ones who get paid the most.

  • Part-time roles suit CFOs and companies

    Proponents of the fractional CFO concept say that part-time CFOs help companies understand their CFO needs during early to mid-stage growth periods and save the time and cost of hiring a permanent CFO.

  • 6 leadership lessons for uncertain times

    Wendy R. Carroll, Ph.D., and leadership coach Jennifer Gervès-Keen, who both spoke at CPA Canada’s National Conference 2018, offer lessons for leaders as they carry their organisations through uncertainty.