How CFOs can thrive during a dramatic shift

With business in general and finance in particular undergoing rapid change, CFOs are being counted on more than ever to be leaders through the upheaval. Sandy Cockrell, CPA, managing partner for Deloitte’s CFO programme, shares insights from CFOs and passes on advice for how they can stay up to speed related to their own skillset and that of the finance workforce.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why CFOs are having to become technologists (2:40).
  • What CFOs mean when they talk about “a dramatic shift” in their finance workforce (4:43).
  • How CFOs’ board-level responsibilities are changing (11:05).
  • Why corporate structure changes are especially affecting the duties of the CFO (11:47).
  • Advice for CFOs who want to get up to speed on digital transformation in finance (14:16).
  • The changing pedigree of today’s CFO (16:05).

Play the episode below:

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