• Sponsored: Mastering UK compliance

      Sponsored by SAP Concur | Ensuring company spend is compliant is a crucial role of the finance team. But how can you be confident you are getting a true view into all spend while at the same time guaranteeing compliance with the UK’s HMRC rules?

    • The value of investing in yourself

      Nigel Franklyn, CPA, CGMA, a finance leader at Prudential, shares insight on “living our best life”, how small changes can make a difference in performance, and why lunch matters.

    • Why engaged managers matter

      Employees thrive when managers show they care. In this episode, learn the value of engaged management and how managers can improve employees’ health as well as their work performance.

    • How finance can drive the agenda

      Hear how Mike Driver, FCMA, CGMA, the UK government’s finance head and Ministry of Justice CFO, aims to put finance at the heart of decision-making.

    • UK v. US English: The podcast

      It’s not only in spelling that English differences emerge. Listen to UK and US language aficionados discuss some of the peculiarities.

    • How to spot overlooked leaders

      To recruit and retain leadership talent that creates value, you need to know who your best people are. That’s not necessarily obvious, because your most valuable employees might not be the ones who get paid the most.