The value of sleep, and a blockchain primer

Sean Stein Smith, CPA, CGMA, DBAEach week, we delve into the reading list of finance professionals around the world. This week, we hear from Sean Stein Smith, CPA, CGMA, DBA, an assistant professor at Lehman College in New York City and a member of the American Institute of CPAs’ National CPA Financial Literacy Commission. Here is a sampling of content that has resonated with him recently:

Blockchain – What You Need to Know”: If you are trying to get up to speed on blockchain, Smith considers this a must-read or must-listen. It’s a podcast that includes a transcription of a conversation with Harvard Business School professor Karim Lakhani.

Is Audit Ready for Blockchain?”: At times, Smith said, hearing all the chatter about blockchain can seem like drinking from a firehose. This article ties in how blockchain can play a role in the future of audit and attest functions.

Another Reason to Get a Good Night’s Rest – It Can Help You Focus and Your Brain Forget”: No matter how busy we are, we won’t be our best without rest. The article detailed a study in Paris that reminds us we may not allow our brains to fully process a day’s worth of information if we’re not getting a good night’s sleep.

Free Resources on Sustainability Reporting”: The article appealed to Smith because of its wide-ranging list of resources that can “fill the sustainability toolbox” of finance professionals. The CPA Journal article also offered numerous links to organisations, documents, and tools.