Planning for Brexit uncertainty

Econoday’s Jeremy Hawkins lists several reasons Brexit could harm the UK economy, but he points out a potential boon for accountancy.

The UK’s future trading relationship with the rest of the EU remains to be shaped — one aspect of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Hear more about what the future holds for those inside and out of the UK in this podcast with Jeremy Hawkins, senior European economist with Econoday.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The potential for the Article 50 date of 29 March to be extended.
  • The impact of Brexit uncertainty on the UK economy.
  • Why Hawkins says there could be a slight “bounce” in the economy shortly after a “soft” Brexit.
  • Brexit’s effect on UK exports and supply chains.
  • How Brexit could potentially lead to a gin shortage.

Play the episode below:

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