Wide-ranging advice from a winery CEO

Napa Valley

Emma Swain, CPA, has been the CEO of a vineyard and winery in California’s Napa Valley for ten years. In this podcast, she offers insights on social media, international travel, and why employees should own their mistakes. Also, you can read more of Swain’s thoughts on topics such as asking the right business questions.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How St. Supéry is using a technology called optical sorting to improve wine quality (12:48).
  • The percentage of the winery’s power that is sourced by solar panels (17:56).
  • The approach St. Supéry takes regarding sustainability initiatives (19:29).
  • Wide-ranging advice for international travellers (23:36).
  • Why Swain gets up before 4am most days (25:21).
  • Swain’s approach to hiring (27:35).

Play the episode below:

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