• UK v. US English: The podcast

      It’s not only in spelling that English differences emerge. Listen to UK and US language aficionados discuss some of the peculiarities.

    • How to spot overlooked leaders

      To recruit and retain leadership talent that creates value, you need to know who your best people are. That’s not necessarily obvious, because your most valuable employees might not be the ones who get paid the most.

    • The voices of leadership

      Leadership expert, author, and academic Graeme Findlay describes the voices of leadership and how leaders should use them in order to be successful.

    • The new CFO mandate

      CFOs are quickly becoming more central within the corporate structure but have a lot of work to do as their roles expand and technology transforms the role.

    • How to be a better listener

      In part two of a conversation with Toronto-based management coach Mary Legakis Engel, learn about how strong leaders are often adept at listening.

    • The qualities of legendary leaders

      What makes a leader “legendary”? Management coach Mary Legakis Engel has a few thoughts and an explanation of leadership types in this podcast.