CIMA reminds members about CPD and the monitoring process

Prepare for CPD monitoring by keeping a record of your CPD activity throughout the year.

CIMA monitors its members' continuing professional development (CPD) in order to protect the public interest and preserve the designation that members worked so hard to achieve.

To maintain CIMA's standards, members are randomly selected each year to submit their CPD records for review.

Why CPD?

All CIMA members are required to keep learning throughout their career. Ongoing learning allows members to maintain and develop their skills, knowledge, and experience, making them ready to meet the requirements of their current role and any roles they want to move into — to achieve their career aspirations. CPD also differentiates CIMA members from nonprofessionals.

Here is information for CIMA members:

How will I know if I have been selected?

Letters or emails will be sent to all those randomly selected for CPD monitoring. This includes both CIMA members employed in business and Members in Practice.

Either you can submit your CPD record via the Competency and Learning website or you can confirm that you work for an accredited employer.

It's essential that you submit your CPD record by the deadline stated in the letter or email sent to you. If you miss the deadline, you will be deemed noncompliant, which will result in action by CIMA. More information on CIMA's CPD policy can be found on the CIMAglobal website.

If you are retired or not in paid work, please get in touch with the CPD Monitoring Team at, as you may not be required to submit a learning record.

How can I prepare?

  • Keep a record of your CPD — it's good practice and means you'll be ready when randomly selected. Review the CPD requirements set out on the CIMAglobal website. There's also a helpful list of FAQs to answer any outstanding questions.
  • Check whether your employer is accredited. CIMA members working for accredited employers can use their personal development plan as evidence of CPD compliance. An A–Z list of accredited employers can be found on the CIMAglobal website.

If your employer is accredited, make sure your employment details are up to date in My CIMA so that we can verify your place of employment. If your employer isn't accredited, you will need to submit your CPD record via the Competency and Learning website.

When preparing your learning record on the Competency and Learning website, make sure you add all the job roles you have had during the period being monitored. This will help structure your learning and put your learning in context.

CPD activities can be formal (eg, a course or conference) or informal (eg, reading articles/journals, giving presentations, or giving training to a colleague).

The Competency and Learning Website Guide provides further guidance on how to record your CPD. Once you've added your first activity, log in regularly to add new activities and update those you've completed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing

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