Video: UK announces post-Brexit global tariff regime

The UK announced a new post-Brexit tariff regime on Tuesday to take effect from January 2021. It will replace the EU’s external tariff.

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After decades outsourcing its trade policy to the EU, Britain is seeking free trade agreements with countries around the world. It's on a mission to have deals in place covering 80% of British trade by 2022.

On Tuesday [May 19] the UK announced a new post-Brexit regime to replace the EU's external tariff. The plan, called the UK Global Tariff, keeps a 10% duty on cars but cuts levies on tens of billions of dollars of supply chain imports. It's to be enforced from January and marks a departure from what some UK officials call an overly complex EU system.

Britain is currently negotiating trade deals with both the US and the Brussels-based bloc.

The new regime will maintain tariffs on products competing with industries such as agriculture, automotive, and fishing. But it will remove levies on imports worth £30 billion — about $37 billion — entering UK supply chains.

The government said that while almost all pharmaceuticals and most medical devices, including ventilators, are already tariff-free, some products used to fight the [COVID-19] crisis still face duties. It's introducing a temporary zero rate on these products, including personal protective equipment from non-EU countries.