3 TED Talks worth watching

Piotr Malinowski, ACMA, CGMA

Each week, we delve into the content lists of finance professionals around the world. This week, we hear from Piotr Malinowski, ACMA, CGMA, head of period-end close and quality processes at Merck Group in Darmstadt, Germany. He is a big proponent of TED Talks, and here are three that have resonated with him:

For More Wonder, Rewild the World”: This talk is seemingly about ecology, but what it really tells us is that creating over-secure, artificial environments can do more harm than good. A healthy degree of uncertainty, Malinowski says, is always needed to drive action and keep many sorts of environments alive.

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe”: “This is the kind of leader I’ve always wanted to be,” Malinowski said of Simon Sinek’s 2014 TED Talk about creating a circle of safety. Malinowski says he’s not there yet, but he’s working on it.

Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It?”: Malinowski considers this 2016 talk by Sam Harris to be excellent food for thought about how artificial intelligence could change our lives. “AI is coming, but are we ready for it?” Malinowski asks. “Is our mindset ready?”