It's not just the facts

Michael Rogerson, ACMA, CGMAEach week, we will delve into the reading list of finance professionals from around the world. This week, we hear from Michael Rogerson, ACMA, CGMA, a sustainability consultant with UK-based OEE Consulting. Here is a sampling of content that has resonated with him recently:

Facts Versus Feelings Isn’t the Way to Think About Communicating Science”: Rogerson liked this article because it reminded us that, “regardless of how good the story or how compelling the data, people take in information in different ways.” How people think is complex and nuanced, so delivery of information should take into account that complexity.

Blockchain”: Rogerson found the article, from the site of Imperial College in London, to be an excellent primer on blockchain, which “has the potential to disrupt commerce like nothing since the steam engine.”

The Responsibility of Corporate Boards in Fighting Modern Slavery”: Company boards have a pressing reason, beyond a moral one, to get involved in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery. With investors pressing companies for more transparency, companies face reputational risk issues if they are slow to respond.