Building loyalty and heading off manipulators

Ahmad Shehadeh, CPA, CGMA

Each week, we will delve into the reading list of finance professionals from around the world. This week, we hear from Ahmad Shehadeh, CPA, CGMA, the CFO of Qatar Cool, which provides district cooling to high-density areas consisting of residential and commercial buildings in the Middle East. Here is a sampling of content that has resonated with him:

  • Why Businesses Should Lower Prices During Natural Disasters”: A topic of current interest in North America in the aftermath of powerful hurricanes, the article appealed to Shehadeh because it discussed how businesses can create value through pricing strategies by building long-term relationships and loyalty with customers.

  • The Executive Fraud Triangle”: Shehadeh found this Fraud Magazine article interesting because it explored the business conditions that could lead executives to commit fraud. The great “I” mentioned in the article is characterised by greed, entitlement, and pride.

  • 12 Classic Propaganda Techniques Narcissists Use to Manipulate You”: “This article is an interesting read for anyone who is responsible for the internal controls in an organisation,” Shehadeh said. “You should have professional scepticism when you hear some words or see certain behaviours.”

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