3 Windows 10 tips to use every day

Microsoft has made regular Windows 10 updates to build an operating system that is both dependable and functional. While some of these features are simply improvements to existing tools, these latest enhancements certainly increase productivity. Here are three Windows 10 tools that should become part of your everyday routine.

Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool was first included as part of Windows 7. However, Windows 10 introduced some enhancements. The Mode is set to Rectangular Snip by default. But now you can also choose (1) Free-form Snip to snip in a heart, a circle, whatever you can render with the cursor; (2) Window Snip to grab a full application window in one click; and (3) Full-screen Snip, again, just what it sounds like.

The Delay option gives you the chance to snip those pesky menus that disappear just as you’re trying to snip them. By selecting a three-second delay, you can open the menu you want to snip before the Snipping Tool activates.

Finally, the Snipping Tool saves the image to your clipboard automatically. No more saving a separate file before inserting in an email or document. Simply edit the image and paste with Ctrl+V.

Snipping Tool

Quick Assist

File history

Windows 10 is full of new tools and improvements to old tools. Keep your eye out for more as Microsoft releases new updates.

Byron K. Patrick is the managing director at Network Alliance, a US-based consultancy specialising in information technology services for accounting firms.