Strategy, leadership, and ‘small data’

Duncan BrodieEach week, we will delve into the reading lists of finance professionals around the world. This week, we hear from Duncan Brodie, FCMA, CGMA, a UK-based leadership and career coach and a former FD. Here are books that stand out for him:

WIN: How to Succeed in the New Game of Business: Brodie appreciates author Roger Harrop’s core message, which is that successful businesses focus on four basics – being exceptional, being a great place to work, constantly prospecting, and focusing on the bottom line.

Management in Ten Words: Terry Leahy, the former CEO of Tesco, distils his ideas into ten key words, focusing both on behaviours and ways of operating that provide clarity and insight into running a major organisation.

Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends: Big data is talked about and written about a lot, Brodie said. In this book, Martin Lindstrom “shows how small insights that would never be identified from big data can transform organisations. There’s a great story about Lego in the first few pages.”

The Success Principles: Brodie appreciates this book by Jack Canfield because it offers “simple but effective principles that can help organisations and individual accountants achieve great results.”

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