The value of diversity and silent meditation

Becca Shane, CPA, CGMA

Each week, we delve into the reading lists of finance professionals around the world. This week, we hear from Becca Shane, CPA, CGMA, director of finance at Hamilton Place Strategies, a public affairs consulting firm in Washington, D.C. Here is a sampling of recent content that has resonated with her.

  • 16% of Corporate Board Members Say Racial and Gender Diversity Has No Benefit ‘At All’ ”: Some survey participants don’t see value in diversity, and others couldn’t say whether diversity was valuable because their boards lacked diversity. Shane is not among that group – she believes diversity is beneficial. One way to achieve diversity of thought and ultimately make better decisions, she said, was to bring a group of different people into the decision-making process. In addition to race and gender, those differences can include personality, education, and socioeconomic status.

  • How Silent Meditation Helped Me Succeed at Work”: Mindfulness, Shane said, has been “top of mind for me lately,” especially after she took part in a discussion at the American Institute of CPAs’ Leadership Academy on the three C’s: competence, character, and consciousness. Shane liked the article because it cited studies showing the value of meditation on cognitive function, stress management, and controlling our emotions.

  • Alternative Investments 2020: The Future of Capital for Entrepreneurs and SMEs: Shane said she likes to read reports such as this one from the World Economic Forum to become more familiar with topics that will affect the future of business. Accountants must “have the ability to look at trends and make assumptions for business decisions and to pivot quickly upon realisation of a bad assumption.” This report can help small businesses improve their ability to access capital.

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