Why people won’t change, how introverts lead

Jackie Fitzgerald, ACMA, CGMAEach week, we’ll delve into the reading lists of finance professionals around the world.

This week, we hear from Jackie Fitzgerald, ACMA, CGMA, a UK-based career coach. Here’s a sampling of content, both recent and from the archives, that stands out to her:

Pioneers, Drivers, Integrators, and Guardians”: This article from Harvard Business Review offers insight into team dynamics and offers a useful framework for understanding your personality type and how it fits with the rest of your team.

7 Secrets That Will Make You Build Good Habits”: Fitzgerald said she loves the Barking Up The Wrong Tree blog, which provides amusing, research-based tips. This article continues that trend, providing simple but effective ways to create good habits.

The Real Reason People Won’t Change”: This 2001 article is, in Fitzgerald’s estimation, her all-time favourite from Harvard Business Review. “I often share it with clients who are stuck in some way,” she said. “When we understand the competing commitments and big assumptions that are blocking change or progress, we can quickly come up with a solution and start to make real progress.”

10 Habits of Unlikeable People”: The article by Travis Bradberry reminds us that likeability is a skill that can be developed. It also offered Fitzgerald “a slightly different take on emotional intelligence” and gave her reason to carefully consider some of her attitudes and behaviour.

A Quiet Leader Is Still a Real Leader”: The article, by Tamar Charney of National Public Radio, offers a first-person reminder that introverts are often great leaders.

(Photo by Annabel Farley)