• Tech quiz: How Excel-savvy are you?

      After years of dominating the spreadsheet space, Excel continues to serve as an essential tool for many management accountants. How well do you know Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet application? Take this test and find out.

    • China explores ways to expand IFRS use

      A joint working group formed by the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the IFRS Foundation is exploring ways to expand the use of IFRS within China, especially for Chinese companies that are internationally oriented.

    • How to account for innovation

      Financial chiefs are more inclined to spend on research and development despite economic worries abroad—a scenario that highlights the increasingly complex job of the finance chief: balancing innovation and costs.

    • How to break down silos within your organisation

      The structural silos that form in organisations are a powerful barrier to information sharing and innovation. Anthropologist Gillian Tett explains how some organisations have broken down these barriers.

    • The relationship between pay and productivity

      CFOs are expected to source commodities for the lowest possible price. But that strategy is not transferable to human resources – an employee’s value to the company in terms of engagement and productivity depends on how fairly they believe they are being treated. Writing in Fast Company, Rodd Wagner highlights