• Technology guidance abundant in COSO internal control proposal

      Technology considerations are significantly expanded in the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission’s updated internal control framework proposal. When issued in the first quarter of 2013, the framework will include significant guidance on how to manage risk while capitalizing on the benefits of technology in the era of big data.

    • CPAs continue to forecast storms ahead for US economy

      For the third consecutive quarter, CPA decision-makers in the United States have lower optimism regarding the economy at home, according to the latest AICPA Business & Industry U.S. Economic Outlook Survey. Political uncertainty reigns, even after the presidential election.

    • Tackling Russia’s talent problems can offer big rewards for business

      Few multinationals can resists the lure of big, fast-growing BRIC markets such as Russia. Educational attainment in the country is good, but with the market economy still comparatively new, a hangover of old cultural attitudes persists. There is a dearth of leadership skills and employees seek short-term pay hikes over long-term career development. In the first CGMA panel discussion in Moscow, finance leaders from top companies address the talent challenge in emerging markets.

    • Accounting standard-setters’ union fragile amid US indecision on IFRS

      IASB Chairman Hans Hoogervorst used a speech as an opportunity to push for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to allow US public companies to adopt IFRS for their financial reporting. On the same stage, FASB Chairman Leslie Seidman said US financial reporting needs clearer guidance than the IASB has offered.

    • Annual reports: When growth isn’t good

      Annual reports continue to get longer but not necessarily better, a Deloitte UK report indicates. The survey shows that while the quality of reports has risen, so too has the quantity, and that’s not always a good thing.

    • Where private-equity firms are looking for high growth

      Private-equity firms can no longer generate adequate returns for their investors by just leveraging debt and financial engineering. So they’re looking for untapped growth opportunities. A new survey reveals where they think they have found them.