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Milena Kirandjiska, Director, UK SMN, Customer Success, SAP Concur

Milena Kirandjiska Reaping the benefits of digitisation

Q What are the challenges businesses look to solve with SAP Concur solutions?

A We help organisations automate processes that are manual, paper-based, or Excel-based and often laborious, such as travel, expense, and accounts payable processing. With technology replacing a lot of manual processes, companies mitigate risk and strengthen their cash flow positions. Our cloud software is easily bought and installed and requires no physical interaction to instal. As companies reduce the time spent filing and processing expenses and invoices, they enable their people to focus on more value-added tasks.

Q What are the benefits of automating finance processes?

A By allowing technology to do the heavy lifting, your finance team can use the time to focus on more strategic elements of the business. This includes providing them a moment to take a step back and holistically look at the spending trends and costs across your business. By doing so, they can often pinpoint spend patterns, but also identify opportunities to reduce costs, providing visibility and guidance to help positively impact the bottom line in the short and long term.

Q How can business leaders future-proof their organisation?

A Digital transformation is here and, for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) employing an automated invoice solution, it is a positive step in becoming a business that is ready for scale and growth. Not only will it benefit your bottom line, but it will create positive staff experiences and efficiencies that help truly optimise your business — now and in the future.

Q How do you support companies that are scaling?

A SAP Concur solutions have supported thousands of SMBs to scale their processes and systems while gaining greater visibility into data. Often our customers expand their footprint by going into new markets and new locations, opening new offices, or adding new services, projects, and products. Scaling their SAP Concur platform is a straightforward process that allows them to focus on their most business-critical activities.

Q How can businesses plan for business continuity?

A The baseline for any company will be the stability of its IT and finance infrastructure. How many of your crucial processes can keep running on a stable platform, in the cloud, while protecting critical data and assets and ensuring compliance? The more processes are adapted to run online, the better positioned you are to weather crises. Customers tell us that not having to deal with paper to manage their accounts payable processes and expenses has been invaluable.

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Milena Kirandjiska
leads the Customer Success Onboarding Function in the UK for SAP Concur. She has been with SAP Concur for more than 10 years, working with customers of all sizes and segments to build a holistic approach to drive better outcomes for all customers. Early investment in customer relationships and cross-functional collaboration have been the cornerstone of her strategy in speeding up value delivery for customers and ensuring exceptional retention for SAP Concur.

SAP Concur drives a relentless pursuit of what’s possible into everyday travel, expense, and invoice processes — continuously developing new tools to automate and integrate them so your people get more done and you get more control. With SAP Concur solutions, you’ll move beyond yesterday’s tedious tasks to keep your business running at its best every day, from anywhere.