The view from the President: Leading through disruption

CIMA President Amal Ratnayake, FCMA, CGMA

'Leading through disruption isn't easy because change itself is uncomfortable. However, we have to empower and inspire our teams to embrace it courageously.'

We live in disruptive times, and the constant state of change is impacting the finance function. As the pace of change accelerates, it's transforming not only our organisations, but also what we do and how we do it.

At CIMA, we believe finance professionals must take charge during this uncertainty. Rather than enduring the turbulence, we must stay in the driver's seat, guiding our organisations, businesses, and communities through change. After all, being at the heart of business, we are best positioned to do so. But to succeed as leaders, we must reimagine the possibilities for ourselves, our organisations, and our teams.

Regardless of our level within an organisation — whether we're a CFO or in an entry-level position — as part of the finance function, we are leaders and stewards. Through our skills and adherence to ethics, we power trust, influence decision-making, and enable organisations to seek and grasp new opportunities.

Leading through disruption isn't easy because change itself is uncomfortable. However, we have to empower and inspire our teams to embrace it courageously. Sitting back, resting on our laurels, and simply hoping we are doing enough will not drive success in the long run.

Of course, this ambition comes with risks, but gambles are necessary if we want to evolve. Without taking calculated risks, we box ourselves into what is known and familiar. By stepping out of that box — and out of our comfort zones — we can achieve what we never thought was possible.

Being a leader is about more than fulfilling our own ambitions, however. It's much bigger than that. To be effective, we have to go beyond ourselves. This means looking for ways to raise those around us, focusing on their goals, success, and prosperity — as much, if not more, than our own. It is our responsibility as leaders to give back and inspire those who come after us.

CIMA, through the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, focuses on enabling our global network of members and students to achieve new heights. We have resources, learning, and research that finance professionals like you can use to become well-rounded leaders. These include CPD courses on technologies like cryptocurrency and data analytics, human intelligence skills, and other career development essentials. If you have the heart, the passion, and the drive to lead, we can give you the tools to succeed. Because at its heart, CIMA is made up of people like you, driven by passion and dedicated to your success.

In my travels as CIMA president — and even before, as I worked in countries around the world — I have seen firsthand how CIMA members like you are embracing change and your leadership roles. You are visionaries, leading with a boundless passion that drives everything you do. And it drives my work, too.

My position with CIMA is powered by passion — for the work, the profession, and, most importantly, members and students. Helping you succeed has been my focus throughout my presidential year, and it will continue to be central to all I do going forward.

Soon, I will step down as CIMA president, but this doesn't mean I will back away from my commitment to the profession. I will continue on my mission to empower and inspire those around me to take bold steps into our new and bright shared future.

Confronting disruption can feel intimidating, but no one is more prepared to address these changes than you. Determine how you can take the lead in your organisation and move ahead.

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