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Nominations and elections to the 2019—2020 Association regional boards

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants' Nominations Committee will convene in early March and nominate members for its regional board terms for June 2019—May 2020. Each regional board consists of approximately ten seats — seven of which are nominated and three of which are determined by an elections process.

Regional boards provide management accounting insights and input on local marketplace trends and offer the perspectives of CIMA and American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) members in management accounting as well as those of students, employers, and key regional stakeholders. Following the launch of the Association in January 2017, the regional boards now report to the MA board of the Association, and their new terms of reference are posted on

Members of the regional boards are members of their founding body (CIMA or the AICPA) and are also members of the Association. They also include students studying to become an ACMA and/or receive the CGMA designation, and employers. As a member of CIMA or the AICPA and the Association, you are entitled to a vote on the elected positions to the applicable regional board. These include:

  • Africa
  • The Americas
  • Australasia
  • Europe
  • North Asia
  • South East Asia
  • United Kingdom

Elections for the 2019—2020 regional board seats will be conducted via electronic ballot only; ballots will be emailed to members. No paper ballots will be sent out for this election. If you would like to vote in the election, please ensure your email address on your member profile is updated no later than Friday 1 February 2019. You may update your email address by logging in to your account at

All individuals interested in serving as either a nominated or elected member will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee in March 2019 based on input from the incoming regional board chair. All approved members who do not fill a "nominated" seat will stand for one of the "elected" seats.

You may obtain nomination forms by emailing Forms be must be received at by 5pm GMT on Friday 1 February 2019.

We will acknowledge receipt of the form promptly. If interested members do not receive a confirmation, please contact before the closing date to actively seek confirmation.

CIMA Benevolent Fund

Thank you to everyone who donated to the CIMA Benevolent Fund in the past year. Please continue with this generosity.

If you have not yet donated to the Benevolent Fund, we hope that you will start to do so by making the £2 donation when paying your 2019 CIMA subscription.

The Benevolent Fund is a charity set up and funded by CIMA members specifically to help members and their families who are experiencing hard times.

Resources for members in practice

Members in practice are chartered global management accountants in professional practice, providing accounting services to businesses, but not as direct employees of those businesses. If you are thinking of setting up as a member in practice, the course "Self Employed the CIMA Route", which is run in different areas of the UK, will be useful. Details of these and other events are available at

A members in practice conference is held annually in the UK in June — the date for 2019 is to be confirmed. Further information and resources for members in practice are available at

Elections to CIMA Council 2019

As the terms of office of the Council members in the following CIMA electoral constituencies (EC) expire at the end of the CIMA Annual General Meeting in June 2019, elections will be held in February 2019. Nominations for candidates (fellows) to fill the vacancies must be made by six or more members (three of whom must be fellows) whose registered addresses are in the constituencies concerned.

Electoral constituency: Current member

EC1  Central London and North Thames: J Owen

EC2  South West England and South Wales: D Johnson

EC3  East Midlands and East Anglia: M Lowney

EC3  East Midlands and East Anglia: S Stapleford*

EC4  West Midlands: N Jessett

EC5  North East England: N Davison

EC6  North West England and North Wales: J Graham

EC8  Northern Ireland: P Barr

EC9  Republic of Ireland: L Connaughton

EC10  East, West, Central & Southern Africa: D Don-Pierrot

EC11  Central Southern England: P Ash

EC12  South East England: L Taylor

EC14  South Asia: R Edirisinghe

EC15  North Asia: A Goddard

EC16  South East Asia: F Chan

EC17  Europe, North Africa & Middle East: H Parker*

EC18  The Americas: M Saxton

* Members not eligible to stand again, having served on Council for nine or more years.

Nomination forms for candidates for election and other information are available to download at They may also be obtained from CIMA's Corporate Affairs department by emailing Please read the rules carefully before completing the form.

The nomination must be received on the prescribed form by 1pm GMT on Thursday 10 January 2019 and should be clearly marked for the attention of the Corporate Affairs manager. A scanned or a faxed copy of a signed and completed form is acceptable.

The Corporate Affairs department will acknowledge receipt of the nomination form promptly, either through an automated process or by individual acknowledgement. It is, however, the candidate's responsibility to ensure that his or her form has been received. To avoid uncertainty, it is recommended that, if candidates do not receive such confirmation, they contact the Corporate Affairs department by emailing BEFORE the closing date, to actively seek confirmation.

If there is more than one candidate for a vacancy, a ballot will be conducted. The Corporate Affairs team will contact you if an election is required.