Writing for FM

We recommend that prospective authors read several recent issues of FM. Prior to submitting a manuscript, authors should discuss ideas with a senior editor and/or submit a one-page synopsis of the proposed article to The synopsis should outline the concept for the article, highlight the major points, give practical examples and describe the intended audience.

In determining whether to publish an article, FM staff will consider whether the material is original, timely and technically sound. We’ll consider how the material could help a management accountant be successful and whether the ideas can be put into practice.

These articles address issues facing the profession and provide guidance for achieving results.

Length and style 

Feature articles should be a maximum of 2,000 words (6–7 double-spaced, typed pages) excluding author bios, sidebars, executive summaries and other ancillary materials.

Articles based on case studies—that is, real-life examples—or surveys should draw conclusions from the research, analyze the impact on the profession and offer insights or advice that will be useful to readers. Use many examples and case studies to illustrate points—readers want to learn from others’ experiences.

The editorial and review processes

Please submit all material on an exclusive basis. Submissions must not be identical or substantially similar to material under review by another publisher or material published, presented or disseminated in another forum. Please contact an editor to discuss any circumstance in which exclusivity might be in question.

Authors must disclose upon submission of their article idea any conflicts of interest (including financial ties to the subjects of articles), potential conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety.

Authors will receive notice acknowledging the receipt of a manuscript before the work is sent to reviewers for evaluations and recommendations.

Submission checklist

  • Submit a one-page synopsis or talk with an editor before beginning work on an article.
  • Submit article on an exclusive basis.
  • Place author’s name on title page only.
  • Include examples and/or case studies.
  • Ensure the article contains no footnotes. Citations can be incorporated into the body of the article.
  • Include a short biography for each author, including title, academic and professional credentials, e-mail and mailing address
  • E-mail an electronic version to at